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Steps to Home Ownership



As a buyer, searching for and purchasing a new home can be very exciting but can also be a bit scary as you explore unfamiliar territory.  This is most likely the largest investment of your life, so the most important step is partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional at Snowden & Company Real Estate.  It is our job as your REALTOR® to help you every step of the way.  We are passionate about matching our buyers with the home of their dreams and will work hard to welcome you home!

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What is a realtor?

Get Pre-Approved

Contacting your lender to get pre-approved is key!  Why?  This gives you BUYING POWER!  Once you have been pre-approved, you will know your approved price range, your loan type, what to expect as your down payment, and an estimate of your closing cost.  Then, when it comes time to negotiate, you and your agent are READY!  

What is pre-approval

Search for Homes

Make a list of important qualities you want in a home.  If you are purchasing a home jointly, try making your list separately.  Then, compare your lists and prioritize your needs and desires.  Next, contact your agent and discuss what you'd like in your next home.  They will begin searching on their end.  You can then use our Search Homes tool to generate your own search and make a list of homes you are interested in seeing.

search homes


Your agent will arrange showings for you.  As a buyer, be prepared the day of showings:  wear comfortable clothes & shoes and bring a notebook to take notes at each listing of what you like and dislike.


Once you have decided on THE ONE, it's time to negotiate.  Ask your agent about comparable sales.  Mississippi is a non-disclosure state meaning sales data is not public but as your agent, we have access to local sales data, which can assist you in preparing your offer.   

Your agent will prepare all of the necessary paperwork and will guide you through the process.  You can expect to sign a contract along with any necessary addenda and put up an earnest money deposit.    

Agents at Snowden & Company Real Estate, LLC, are experienced in this process and will explain everything to you in detail as you go through the process.  Our team members are skilled negotiators and will work diligently on your behalf.

Road to Closing

When the seller accepts your offer, you are then on the ROAD TO CLOSING.  From that point, your agent's work is just getting started.  They will assist in coordinating inspections.  They will work closely with your lender and closing attorney to ensure all final details are arranged.  Then, they will sit next to you at the closing table to assist in finalizing of the process.